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Hysterectomy/bladder repair

Just over two weeks ago I had a hysterectomy and bladder repair. I was unable to urinate due to swelling and was sent home after six days with instructions to self-cathetorize. Ive had differering instructions as to how often etc. At the moment, I can urinate between 50 - 150 mls on my own every couple of hours but use the catheter every four hours and the residual is between 100 - 200 mls. How much longer can I expect this to continue? Should I try to hold my urine for four hours and then just cathetorize after trying to pass urine myself? If my residual is 150 mls or less, I cathetorize after six hours. Is this right?
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Hi MassSheila, welcome to the Urogynecology community!

The goal of course if for you to urinate without cathing at all. Since every woman's experience post surgery is unique the frequency and timing of cathing will vary, these are specifics you should get directly from the NP at your physician's office. The exact type of surgical procedure done, the amount of inflammation you have post surgery, how active you need to be during the early heal curve will all have an impact on when and whether you need to cath. Please call your physicians office and let them address this scenario, it is extremely important that you follow the cath procedure they request so you heal up properly with no complications. I wish I could give you more specifics but in this situation it is vital that your physician's office guides you, since they will be familiar with all of the details of your procedure, they should be able to guide you. Be aware that as you get more active during the initial heal curve that swelling may increase a bit and create some difficulty urinating without cathing, that is normal.

Good luck, I hope your healing period goes smoothly.  

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Hi Sheila, I know how you feel. I had the same thing done and I had to cath for three months! I got it to the shower and the warm water helped me get the sensation back I started to go.  Good luck and may you feel better soon.

I am two weeks post operative to a bladder repair surgery. I have no sling and I still cannot pee. When we this end?!
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