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Kidney Stones, Bladder infection, Ovarian Cyst?

History, I have a huge medical history. I have been sick my whole life. Had pnuemonia when I was 5, ear infections every month, flus, colds, hives, etc. 6 months ago I got a cyst on my ovaries, it was at 2.5 the doctor said. Then about a month later I got pregnant. While I was pregnant I had kidney stones and a kidney infection. I ended up having a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and that was 2 weeks ago today. I went to the hospital last night with horrible kidney pain that went through to my abdomen and they did a CT scan and said I had kidney stones, a bladder infection and that the cyst on my ovaries from 4 months ago had grown to about 3.2. What is causing this? And what should I do about it? Are any of these things related? Should I worry about the cyst? I am constantly in pain and its becoming such a burden.
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THe kidney stones and the bladder infection are probably related. Get the bladder infection treated. THen get the kidney stones broken up with lithotrypsy by a urologist. THis should reduce the risk of future bladder infections. At the present time, the ovarian cysts are probably normal, associated with ovulation. YOu should check these again by ultrasound in about 6 weeks. . The kidney stones definitely need to be treated.

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I can definitely understand your frustration! I have been dealing with a lot of medical issues myself. I don't know a whole lot about kidney stones so I'm not going to give you my advice on that aspect of it but I am a pro when it comes to ovarian cysts, so I will try and shed some light on ovarian cysts for you.. at least the best i can. I myself have had 3 surgeries in the past 2 years regarding ovarian cysts. I have had well over 10 ovarian cysts, 6 of which were removed. Your cyst is very small, I wouldn't worry too much about the ovarian cyst. I'm not sure if you know this but, every month our bodies produce at least one tiny ovarian cyst with every menstrual cycle. However, for some reason, after our menstrual cycle is over, some women are prone to their body not releasing the small cyst with the end of the cycle. I have had many cysts come up on ultrasounds and within a couple of months, has either burst or has leaked. The only time surgeons tend to do surgery is when the ovarian cyst is large and will not go away. At this point, I wouldn't worry at all! I can definitely relate and understand to always being in pain, I went through 8 months of being on 60mg of oxycontin to manage the horrendous pain i was in. Just try to keep your head up high and have faith that they will find answers and do something about it:)
I'm so sorry about your miscarriage... I can't even imagine. You are very brave. Stay strong.

take care,

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