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Multiple doctors, no answers - unexplained vaginal pain/irritation and itching

Please help. I have been dealing with unexplained and constant vaginal pain/discomfort for almost a year. I also have itching during the night that wakes me up, but otherwise I am not itchy. The pain is constant and feels like raw irritation and/or inflammation/swelling. If I have discharge (and sometimes I don't) it is sticky white/creamy discharge that has no odor at all and very occasionally has a yellow tinge to it. I also have a fairly new tingling sensation, in the last 4 months or so, that radiates from the top of my vagina to my anus and sometimes down my legs. I think it might be nerve damage from this unexplained infection or issue.

This all started when I was treated with antibiotics for BV a year ago. It seemed to clear up completely and then about a week and a half after finishing the antibiotics I had a new problem. Odd discharge with no smell and a feeling of discomfort and like air bubbles were coming out of my vagina (inflammation?). During that 1.5 weeks when I thought everything was back to normal post-antibiotics I went swimming in a friend's pool and also had a particularly brutal laser hair removal session (not sure if either of these are relevant).

I have had a battery of tests including all the STI's and multiple bacterias/yeasts. All have come back negative, except for e. faecalis. Although the doctor I was seeing at the time didn't think this was causing my symptoms he gave me a bunch of different antibiotics and eventually I tested negative for it. Now my new doctor (a pelvic pain specialist) is saying the tests have detected citrobacter koseri. She said I should have been tested for this in the past (before she was my doctor) but I can't see anywhere in my labs that I have been tested for this before.

Could this be causing all my problems? I can't find anything online about this particular bacteria causing my symptoms and my current doctor doesn't think it is. Nonetheless she prescribed an antibiotic I have already taken a few months back and that did not alleviate my symptoms. I am not taking it, because I do not want to take anymore antibiotics and especially not if she doesn't think this is the problem. I never wanted to take any of them in first place and tried to treat on and off with natural remedies, but eventually I became so desperate and lost and confused that I succumbed and took the various antibiotics I was prescribed.

I am desperate and at my wit's end. I have seen so many doctors and nobody seems to have a clue. I have also done endless online research, have taken loads of women's probiotics and then, when I thought it could be cytolytic vaginosis, I stopped the probiotics and started using baking soda. Nothing has worked.

I used colloidal silver for about 6 weeks and that alleviated my symptoms somewhat, but it came right back. I am currently on clindamycin gel/hydrocortisone cream and that seems to help while I am using it (somewhat, never completely resolves), but as soon as I stop the pain comes back with a vengeance.

I have also been tested for vulvodynia and the doctors don't think that's what it is. At one point the male doctor I was seeing started to try to suggest it was psychological and so I went to see a therapist for a while who told me it was ridiculous and to see another gynecologist.

Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas? This is really destroying my life... :(
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