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Need an alternative!

I'm sixteen and I have to self catheterize since I either can't urinate on my own or I'm going every thirty minutes and at night I'm running to the bathroom three to four times a night or having accidents from not making it to the bathroom. Cathing hurts like hell! I've asked my pediatric urologist what to do about this he just says to use more lubricant or stop cathing for a few days. I've tried using more lubricant it really doesn't make much difference and when I try to stop cathing for a day or two I'm completely miserable with pain and discomfort in my bladder. I can't stop self cathing because I before I ever was cathing I kept ending up in urgent care because I hadn't urinated in days. I can't keep doing this and my doc doesn't seem too concerned. I need an alternative! Because this is unbearable. I dread self cathing and I have to do it four to six times a day. Any ideas, suggestions?
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