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Not sure whether it is muscle strain or constipation or kidney problem

    Few days back i got abdomen/stomach pain on left side and low back pain during early morning when there was pressure to go for toilet. After excretion i used to feel good but light low back pain remained. after 2 days i went to Urologist. He presed all over my abdomen area and asked me is there any problem to urinate. I said No. So he told that it is colitis and gave me Rozal-D tablet and syrup called 'Lose'. and asked me to come back after 5 days with ultrasound done for KUB. After 5 days i got done with ultrasound of KUB and the report said "mild hydronephrosis of left kidney. dilated by bowel gas obscured" with  suggestion to do CT scan of KUB. So my urologist reffered for CT scan.
CT scan report came back as normal for all organs. So, Urologist told not to worry and prescribed to take NOCULI syrup and tablet with tamsulosin hydrochloride. after 2 days this tablet started giving problem with ejaculation. i went to urologist and he told it is called as Retrograde Ejaculation and not to worry. If you think it is a problem stop taking the tablets.
So, i stopped taking tablets. Now everything is fine except my low back. I still feel pain at the edge of one or two ribs on left side and right side. Also the ribs beside spinal cord on back of left side pains. This pain is only when i press those ribs.
I am in a dilemma whether the rib pain is due to muscle strain or is it problem with KUB. I dont have problem with urine and excretion. but i frequently go for urination like around 10-15 times in a day i.e. half an hour after i drink water.
I checked with a Reflexologist who is also my neighbour.  He pressed at certain points on my hand and at only one point i.e same point i had more pain in both hands which is connected to Kidney or Urinary system .
So i am deeply worried about it and always will be thinking about the same by frequently pressing those tender spots on ribs.
Please suggest me on how to come out of this.
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