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Pain Almost 4 Months After Bladder Sling

I had a bladder sling put in on Nov 17th. I do not know what kind. He never really told me much about the surgery. Almost immediately after the surgery I was having pain. I could feel a sharp, piercing pain in the urethra area if I put my legs together(clenched) or would try to sit. I also was having so much vaginal pain. It was far worse than when my child was born. I tried to be patient, but at a certain point, it was too much to bare.

I was sitting, a few weeks after the surgery, had a small sneeze and the pain was overwhelming. I cried for 10 minutes and could not move. I could not get from the seated position to the standing. It took about 30 minutes for the pain to subside. I called the surgeons number and got another surgeon who was on call. He prescribed some new pain med and an anti nausea med. Told me to call the surgeon on Monday.

I did, but he could not see me his staff said. So, the pain got worse. It felt like I still had packing inside of me or something as I was so swollen. I went to the ER. The doctor did a full exam and said that I was very swollen and red. He believed that there was a pretty bad infection inside the lining of the vagina. He prescribed meds. They seemed to help a bit with the swelling, but not the pain.

I finally got into my surgeon and he was concerned. He ordered a CT scan to check for a post surgical hematoma. It was clear. I got a call that told me " as far as this office is concerned there is nothing Urologically wrong with you" " if you're still in pain, please take it up with your regular doctor". As you may imagine, this did not make me happy. Of course I was still in pain. That was in mid- December.

So now, it's March. I am still in so much pain. I cannot sit. I am not in pain standing or laying down, but sitting is horrible!! it feels like I am being stabbed with a sharp knife in the urethra. The pain spreads to my vagina. It's just horrible. Of course the harder the surface the worse the pain, but it happens even on a sofa.

I am really at a loss. I feel defeated. I am in so much pain. No one will do anything for it. I went to the GYNO doctor and they said it sounds like the sling but " no doctor is going to touch another doctors work". So now what???

Does this happen to other people?
Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?
Could the sling be slightly out of position?
Could my body just not like the sling?

I really need some help...please.
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I am so sorry to hear how much pain you are in.  This must be very upsetting for you.  
What kind of Surgeon did your operation?  Urogynecologists are prolapse specialists who also put in bladder slings.  
Get your operation notes from the hospital.  You can get them from your surgeons office but the hospital should have them as well.  Take these and see a Urogynecologist for a second opinion.  I would say to you to go back to your surgeon but from what you say they are did not help you when you went back to them.  Your Gyno may not have specific Urogyne training or they would be called a Urogyne I assume, so dont worry too much about what they have said to you.  Why did you go to a Gyno?  Was this for a second opinion?  
Take your ER notes with you to your Urogyne second opinion if you decide to do this,as well so they can see what you were given and if this helped (eg if there was an infection at this time etc ).  
Yes I have heard of reactions like this in other ladies for different reasons and you need to find out what reason that is for you.
If you need to, get more than one other opinion as it is important you get all the information you need before you decide on an agreed remedy.

The symptoms you are having are not OK and you shouldnt have to put up with them.  
Women do get issues with surgery that hasnt been successful or that has to be adjusted sorted out and this may not be your issue.. you need to find out your options and go to the right Drs... not Gynes who simply dont specialise in Urogyne work but a good Urogyne with lots of experience who can tell you what is going on, why you are having the symptoms you are having and what your options are to remedy this.

Dont lose hope, and do get more information and also take your hospital notes of your operation with you to any further appts.  

Please let us know how you get on
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