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Pelvic muscle trainers

I am curious what you think about the "Myself" pelvic muscle trainer.  I see that there are several different trainers available today. I have a rectocele, my doctor considers it "medium", whatever that means. I called and spoke with the nurse at my Gyns office and she said that my doctor does not recommend any of the devices, he recommends surgery. Well, I prefer to try to do something for myself, something that's not invasive. At 64, I'm not real thrilled about going under the knife.
Also when I wrote to the Myself manufactuers they suggested that I talk with my doctor since the device is recommended for urinary problems rather than the prolapse issue that I have.
Your input would be appreciated.


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First of all let me start by saying I do not have any experience with the Myself Pelvic Trainer.  After reviewing the available information on line, I don't see how it would cause any harm.  That said, I also don't believe it will provide much help in those patients with significant Pelvic Organ Prolapse.  Pelvic Floor Exercises can be beneficial in some patients and should be tried in an attempt to improve symptoms to a more tolerable level.  JKM
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