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Post-surgical bleeding. How much is too much?

I had to have stitch removed from my bladder which resulted from an otherwise successful sling procedure that replaced the mesh sling that was removed last year. The surgery was monday. They found the stitch through the same incision previously uses to harvest the sling fascia. It was clipped through the cystoscope and pulled out successfully. All was well until midnight when I had 3 residents around my bed removing the sutures that closed the incision just a few hours before. The problem was excessive bleeding and I guess is was going to form a clot and end up infected. anyway, they packed it with wet guaze. Surgeon came in in the morning and said it would have to be left open and packed until Friday when I could come see his resident and she would close it. I have been trying to follow the instructions for packing it twice a day. Tonight, it started bleeding a lot (dripping) after I removed the packing. I repacked it and have pressure on it with an abdominal pad and tape. It hasn't soaked through that or anything yet. Question is:
Should the bleeding be decreasing by now or is this part of the process? I would call whoever is answering calls tonight, but if it's normal, I don't want to cause problems or seem like a wimp. So, probably normal? Call right away? Call tomorrow? Wait until appt. on Friday?
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Sorry to read of your problem.  If you are soaking through the pack, I would call your doctor.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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Thanks, doctor. I just got back from having the bleeders cauterized. Boy, that was fun. Ouch!

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