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Problems with bladder pain, pressure, desperate!!

Hi, I'm a bit desperate for answers at the moment.

I've been experiencing problems with my bladder. I'm a 21 y.o woman, have had UTI's before, but nothing like this!

For the past two months, I've been experiencing frequent urination, getting up at night to go even (never happened before). Three weeks ago, I started feeling pain in my pelvic area, on the lower sides of my pelvis and shooting pains in my bladder. I've also been feeling constant pressure on my bladder that feels as if someone is stepping on it! It's unbearable! The pressure started a week ago. I now need to urinate every 10 mins, but little is coming out. I've had 3 urine tests for a UTI and infection, all negative. I've had an ultrasound done, all normal. They've checked for pregnancy, diabetes and STIs, all negative, no kidney problems. I don't have burning while urinating, or any pain while urinating. The doctor let me know there is nothing in my bladder after I urinate, but my bladder is filling quite quickly (we could see on the ultrasound).

I'm desperate for answers! No one can tell me what is wrong, and it's wreaking havoc in my life! Any answers you have are very welcome! Thanks!
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cystex really helped my UTI with shooting pain more than cipro maybe.  I also took azo OTC med and it seemed to help and it's supposed to be a treatment for interstitial cystitis
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Sorry to read of you problem.   I would suggest you see a Urogynecologist or Urologist for evaluation.  Your symptoms suggest irritative bladder condition and further evaluation is indicated.  UTI symptoms in the absence of infection may represent a condition called Interstitial Cystitis or IC.  This condition often presents like a UTI but cultures are negative.  Early treatment of this condition is beneficial and you would benefit from evaluation by someone familiar with this condition.  There are certainly other possible casses as well and can be evaluated by theses specialist.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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