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Prolapse problems

I just found out that I have a triple prolapse.. bladder, bowel and vaginal wall.. I knew it was one but not all three... I tried a pessary  once and didn't like it but my gyn wants me to try a different one.. I don't know what I should do  I am afraid to use the estrogen cream because of breast cancer in my family.. any suggestions would be appreciated ..also.  I had a vaginal hysterectomy in 1983
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It sounds like when you had your hysterectomy that the top of your vaginal cuff wasnt suspended which can lead to prolapses...   to be clear though, 50% of women get prolapse that have had children and lots of women who have not had children get prolapses as well.    It is common to have more than one prolapse as well.
I use vaginal estrogen cream and it has really improved my vaginal skin.
I also use a vaginal pessary.  It is common to need to try more than one and they can be very helpful.
I use a T pessary type R.   Have a look round at what is available as your Gyne wont have seen all the types and with more than one POP you will need one that does more than one job.
Your Dr should be the one to assess any risk with you using vaginal estrogen cream so listen to them with regards to any risk and wiegh it up.
Although you are seeing a Gyne, you may also wish to see a Urogynecologist as they are the prolapse specialists.   You could also ask to see a womens physio to help you to strengthen your pelvic floor
Thank you.. you have been very helpful.. I now have an appointment with a Urogynecologist on Feb. 17th ..I will go from there.. Again Thank You,,
You are very welcome.   If you are interested in thinking about using a pessary to begin with for internal vaginall support I can offer you some more pessary info if you would like, before you go for your Urogyne appt.
PM me if you want any more info.   It is good to go in with leaflets to your appt so you can be measured as Urogynes dont know much about pessary options even though they are the ones who measure us for them!  
I wish you luck with your appt.  
If you want any more info or support please message again  
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