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Red scrotum syndrome

Is there a cure for red scrotum syndrome? I've been suffering from what's appears to be this. Started end of november. had intense itch which i scratched several days until i learned makes whatever it is worse. have not been the same ever since. started treatment 1 week after. 3weeks of Lotrimin AF ( slight relief of itch only)
2 weeks nystatin triamcinolone ( felt I was on fire)
2 weeks no treatment ( only aveeno eczema )
10 days fluconazole prescribed ( no change)
•7 weeks no sugar carbs candida diet during all time frame
8 weeks total !!!
just finished 2 weeks desonide cream .5% ( still same)
My scrotum looks like pictures on web associated with Candidas . Red stingy inflamed real dark leathery look. Nothing has cured it or come close.
Dermatologist and doctors have all inspected my symptoms and just say its an infection no particular name for it and keep giving me topicals. I can't take it anymore. Could this be a signs of prostate cancer or UTI ? I'm a healthy , very clean 37 yr old male. Very active and have never had any skin issues , maybe dry skin at the worst but nothing on my privates. This issue is localized to my scrotum and a slight red penis tip. Is this the end of life as I know it?
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