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Results of Abdominal Ultrasound

61`YO male. Symptoms of nausea (most of the time),extreme fatigue, loss of appetite. Tenderness in upper right quadrant of abdomen.Bloating,belches alot,Cramping after eating followed by diarhea. Length of occuring symptoms - months. Diabetis type 2; hypertension; Atrial fib ; Vasovagal syndrome (all controlled with meds)
Medications......Actos,Glucophage,glipizide,lanoxin,Paxil,Lotrel,Zocor,HTCZ,81 mg aspirin daily.

Findings of abdominal ultrasound.. Liver is mildly enlarged. Gallbladder unremarkable. No gallstones.Common bile duct is within normal size.Right kidney measures 13.8-cm.There is seen dilatation of the renal pelvis and the caliceal system particulary lower pole of calyx on the right side. Changes are probably secondary to mild to moderate degree of hydronephrosis. Left kidney is remarkable. Spleen is withing normal limits. Pancreas is grossly unremarkable. Aorta and vena cava are not seen. IMPRESSIONS....(1) Changes of mild to moderate degree of hydronephrosis. (2) Fatty infiltration of the liver.

What does report mean in layman terms? Should we be concerned and follow up with further tests or procedures? What would these be?

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Unfortunately, I am a urogynecologist, and must limit my comments to females with pelvic floor problems. May I suggest that you refer these questions to a urologist or GI physician who sees male patients.  

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The ultra sound results,talk about the kidneys and liver,along with the pancrease and spleen.The liver has a fatty build up,it is all so called a fatty liver,he needs to watch what he eats,such as fried foods,and other foods that will produce fatty cells,on the liver.The hydronephrosis,is the kidney being enlarged,the spleen and pancrease are fine.You might want to consider getting tests done again on his kidneys,to find the cause for the kidney being enlarged.I hope this info helps for now,until the doctor answers for you.                                                                                                                                                       Take care,Blackrose
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