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Sclerosing lymphangitis

I recently had a flare up of what was either sclerosing lymphangitis or a thrombosed vein. The hardened vessel starts at the bottom of the head of my penis and wraps around to the dorsal vein, and is about an inch to an inch and a half long.  It also branches off at one point with another vessel.  I have had these vessels flare up before, but it has never lasted more than a few hours.

Anyway, the condition was quite bad for about three weeks.  Now, it has subsided significantly.  However, it has left behind a thin remnant of what used to be there. The vessel is visible if you pull back the skin as a thin string that is slightly hard to the touch, but nothing like what it was at its worst.

So I am wondering whether this thin remnant of what used to be there is going to be permanent or will it likely go away with more time?  Everything I have read about SL and thrombosed veins suggests that these things clear up entirely with time.  Please advise! I am worried this might be permanent.
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