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Soreness in penis

Hi, I have a feeling of discomfort at the end of my penis. Sometimes I think it's gone but then I notice it and then can't ignore it for ages. It often gets more intense later in the day. When I do notice it, like if I wake up and feel it, I then dwell on it for ages.
I had a urinary tract infection in the middle of December but had antibiotics which cleared it up. I have never had any discharge, or spots/ bumps, and it's not physically sore To touch. I had no soreness then. It doesn't hurt to wee or *** currently.
I had an oral encounter with someone other than my partner in October but have since had in January tests for hiv, herpes, chlamydia, syphillis, gonorreh, hep b, ureaplasma and mycoplasma and have come back negative for everything. It was while waiting for the results this soreness started (3+ months after the encounter). i put it down to stress at waiting for the results. Could this encounter have anything to do with my current pain, or my initial uti in December? I had another urine test yesterday and don't currently have a urinary tract infection.
Could it be psychosomatic and it's nothing actually real? At the paid-for clinic where I had my std tests she said a uti in men was unusual and i should get it checked so maybe I'm worried about this, or worried I got ithe infection during my oral experience.
I would like to know
A) whether my uti in December was the result of my oral at the end of October ie would it take that long to manifest itself
B) should I be worried as a man having a uti?
C)  could this be in my head? Guilt?
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Please refer your question to the Urology Forum.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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