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TVT sling tape reaction - swelling bumps

I had a TVT suburethral sling put in 3 weeks ago to correct occassional SUI (when I ran or sometimes when sneezing).  I developed 2 swollen bumps at points where skin had been stiched over the place where the TVT tape was tied at the ends (hope I'm explaining this right).  One bump on each side of outside of labia majora.  The OB/GYN took out the stitches there after only 10 days to try to reduce the swelling.  But it is worse.  They are bigger, harder bumps (when I touch them they feel as hard as a tendon and they are very sore and sensitive.  I can't wear underwear (and certainly not pants) comfortably, nor can I sit comfortably.   My OB/GYN. thinks we should try a second surgery in a week or two to kind of shave these bumps down.  He thinks they are an allergic reaction to the tape.  I'm very afraid this will not work and will make things worse.  I worry they will bleed and bleed and just be a very sore spot.  Or worse, that somehow the ends of that tape will end up getting cut and affect the sling.  If I am allergic to the tape, won't the bumps or painful remnants of them just remain and/or grow?  Could they become some kind of tumor?  Is there a medication I can take to get them to go down?  Will I have to have the tape removed in the end?  If so, is it better to do it right away than wait until the sling is more permanently attached?  I guess removing the tape means removing the entire sling and undoing the original operation?  I wish I had never done it.  My SUI was not such a big deal.  I didn't know about all the adverse reactions before I did this operation.    If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.  I need to move overseas in a few weeks and need to know if I should cancel or change my travel plans (difficult because of my job...but I don't want to go overseas if this is a serious problem that will not resolve itself soon).  Thank you very much for any comments or assistance.
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