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Testicle Burning and Groin Pain

At 17(27 now) had left testicle torsion, got de-torsioned by itself.
In course of 10yrs, tests done - color Doppler,IVP,urine/semen analysis.
No sign of varicocele, epididymitis or any other infection.
As per Dr. I have transversely placed testicles, also sort of tight scrotum skin

Recurring issues: pain, tenderness & burning in left testicle, radiates to groin & lower abdomen.
1. Heaviness : left testicle. (Scrotal support useless)
2. Pain(takes 2 to 24 hrs to build up) only after ejaculation; but not every-time I ejaculate. (1:10 times).  
Abstinence relieves most issues but traces are left.
3. Tenderness & burning - lower abdomen if restricted bowel movement.(not always)
4. Bit relief after a bowel movement.

1. mild burning; penis tip during urination & same issues on the right but with low intensity.
2. When testicles are pulled in groin - discomfort but not the above symptoms.
3. Symptoms frequency has inc. from quarterly -> twice a month & takes longer time to fade away
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