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UTI symptoms, test come back negative? 4 months!

UTI. She also suggesting a possible yeast infection or BV, but not really sure she sent me on my way. (note, both of these I have tried to treat otc, to no help.)

MY QUESTION IS: if this is not a UTI, what is causing the ever so constant need to urinate. This has gone on for four months and is absolute hell to live with.
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I would suggest you see a Urogynecologist or Urologist.  Several conditions can give you symptoms like a UTI.  Interstitial Cystitis, Overactive Bladder, Urethral Diverticulum, just to name a few.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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This post seemingly edited my question.
Basically if I have uti symptoms, and the test are negative, what could be the cause. The doctor suggested yeast infection or BV, both I tried otc treatment for, with no help.

Side note:  Me and my boyfriend only engage in oral sex. Why yes I  know you can still contract an STD through oral, we both are each others first and both are virgins. Hence, I do not believe this is an STD, and I have gotten my period all four months, and we have not engaged in vaginal sex, so pregnancy is ruled out as well.

I have also noticed decreased vaginal discharge. I used to be "plentyful" in this area, and now I barely have any, and more so "dry," which has lead to me believe this all may be a result of something "down there."

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