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Urethral meatus redness

Hello everybody.I am a male.Last summer I had sex with a woman I did not know before. We used a condom brand I hadn't heard of before but it's the only one she had. After sex I noticed change of pigmentation of my urethral meatus, which turned to red and persisted up until now (10 months). There is no itching or burning, but I noticed that when I urinate the stream goes into 2 directions, the dorsal part of my urethra has "opened" more than usual since the sexual contact. Also when I have an erection this posterior opening of the urethra is more obvious.. it's like a slit.So I went to dermatovenerology department, they took a swab from meatus, then a urine sample and also a sample from inside the urethra, everything was negative, no STD, bacteriology and mycology negative. Before that, the doctors gave me Canesten and Triamcinolone. However the redness is still there. Can it be a trauma caused by the sexual contact?Why doesn't the redness go away? Please help me, thanks!
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Please refer your question to the Urology Forum.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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