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Urgent Urination 48 hours after sex and no bacteria in culture

I hope someone can help as I feel I am getting a blank reception wherever I go

For the last 2 years I have had reoccurring issues with urgency to urinate developing 48 hours after sex.  I have had cystitis throughout my life.  This appears to be different.

Symptoms include an urgency to urinate, feeling like continue need to go after passing urine.  It does not burn but lower abdomen ache and often pulse/contract.  This is often accompanied with constipation, and a feeling of swelling of the outer vaginal region.  Other symptoms include lower back pain and a feeling of slight fever/nausea.

I had this last year roughly once a month for 6 months.  The doctors have tested my urine at each event and never found any bacteria.  Since this period I have controlled the occurrence by urinating straight after sex and using lubrication.

However, about a month ago I had another bout which lasted for almost 4 weeks.  I was also tested for thrush (candidna) (negative), then went on to be tested for chlamydia & other STIs (all -ve).  They gave me an exam for Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder and didn't feel this showed the supposed tenderness.  They sent of a sample for culture which also came back with no bacteria but did show a lot of white cells.

I have had ultrasound of the bladder which apparently showed no issues (though they didn't explain what they were looking for).  I had X-ray of my kidney which showed no issues apart from some scarring after a kidney infection which had occurred after reoccurring cystitis (as mentioned above/different from current symptoms).

I have just been referred to a urologist who I saw today who after read my notes shrugged his shoulders and stated "we just don't know".  He has referred me for a camera check of my bladder.

I have read for example about endometriosis and ovarian cysts, none of which have been mentioned.  Could there be conditions they are not considering before they write it off as 'unknown'?
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