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Uterine polyp, ovarian cyst, and stomach pains...I'm scared!

Hello, I am 29, not sexually active and have no children. About 2 weeks ago I had irregular bleeding that was the same kind of flow as with my period. It only lasted 2 days. I felt some pain but not like cramping. I was still worried. Long story made short, I went to my doctor and blood was found in my urine. My dr just looked inside to see if it was coming from my vagina. It wasn't. Well the day after that I started having worse cramps in my belly, pelvis and on my right side near my kidney. The same pains I was having prior to seeing my doctor, they were just more intense. So I went to the ER. The doctor there did blood work and another urine test. My blood work was perfectly fine. And my urine still showed a small amount of blood. He ordered an Ultrasound for me. I know this sounds uneducated but I had the one that slides over your pelvis and also the wandlike device that goes inside. The doctor at the test told me that I have a cyst on my right ovary and a polyp on my uterus. I have a history of cysts, and they are always on the same ovary. They recommended a gynechologist and I went today. I am supposed to speak to a surgeon on April 12th about having a D&C done, which I am terrified of having because I'm scared to be put under anesthesia. I know I need it to reove the polyp and I will get it done, but I'm scared to go under. Can anyone who has had a D&C tell me your experience through it all? What was the procedure like? What do they do they do to prep you besides dialate your cervix? What was the anesthesia like and was it hard coming out of a deep sleep? What was it like after the procedure? Were you in lots of pain?
The gyno I saw today also said that I should have a colonoscopy because I have been having, at times, terrible stomach pain, diharrhea, nausea. It is also hard for me to eat. I just feel sick to my tummy most of the time. I eat when I can, usually once a day and then I have a snack. The gyno thinks I should have one because of the issues I'm having with my stomach and the fact that all my siblings have had polyps on their colons. My mother also died in June of colon cancer.
I am petrified of all of this. Lots of my family members have died of cancer. My father of lung, my uncle of prostate, my grandmother of ovarian, and my mother of colon cancer. I'm not saying I totally believe I have cancer, but I don't walk around thinking it could never happen to me either. And considering my family history there are times when I do get terrified. I stil go on and calm myself down (the physical pain is all still there even when I'm calm) I feel so alone a lot of the time.
Please, I am so scared that something might be terribly wrong. I will go through with any procedure I need but they scare me. I've never been through anything like this. The pain is sometimes mentally hard to deal with (pain behing my belly button, near kidneys and through my pelvis) Could my cyst and polyp be causing this? I also have acid reflux disease but I have never had issues like this from it before. But could the cyst be making my acid act up in a way that is very painful?
I am also going to see my regular doctor on Friday for a follow up visit and to schedule a colonoscopy.
I hope I have explained everything I'm going through well enough. I feel alone and scared sometimes. All of this is difficuly emotionally and physically.
Thank you to anyone who answers my posts.
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That is all very scarey and I'm sorry you have to feal so alone. I had cysts for years some times extreamly bad ones the size of a golf ball and I've had them rupture all of this can be very very painfull. Like on the ground not wanting to move painfull so yeah it could be the cyst. Cancer runs really high on both sides of my family as well so that was always a fear of mine as well especially when I was in pain. Also I've never had a D&C but I've been under at least four times and My first time was scarey too. Just try not to psyche your self out about it to much. Try and stay in a peacefull place. It's not scarey going under it's just one minute you're awake and the next you're not. Then when you wake up it's very gradule and not scarey at all you'll feal really loopy. Just don't do like my sister and try to pull out your breathing tube. That hurts. I hope all goes well you will be in my paryers. I hope this was helpfull.
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Thank you for your reassurance. I still am very afraid of these procedures but I'm doing my best to not let it get to me so much. Maybe I will talk more with my doctor about anesthesia and what these tests will be like for me. I have had a cyst rupture before and you are right it is very painful and I am not looking forward to this one rupturing it it decides to. It's a little bigger than my last one. I wasn't on the floor with the last one, but it did hurt.More like a stabbing pain that was there for a littlke bit then stopeed. And I'm sorry that you were in such bad pain when yours bursted. I can't imagine how it muct have hurt.
I'll talk with my doctors about all the tests and stuff to feel more at ease. And yes your response has been helpful. It's always helpful when I hear good stories about going under anesthesia. It makes me feel as though it's really not so bad. I just need to keep hearing the good things until I have my surgery lol.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
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Hi Jenna,

You are not alone. I've had twice cyst removed. The first one i was 24 and last year had cyst around both ovaries again and this time they removed them through what is called laprascopy.Where by they enter your stomach using an instruement with a camera and another to remove them. This was for me the best way. Because i recovered quickly and there are no scars left. Both op's i was put to sleep. It was all so easy, working up was not a problem too. Ofcourse pain will always be there but it's not the kind of pain one can not bear. Cyst, fibroids cause pelvic pains and also loss of appetite espcially that you also have stomach pains. Which may also be the cause of the acids.  Cancer in the family, that is quite scary but try not to let these fears over take you. Be strong and couragious, you are not alone, there is someone out there who when we ask him. He will do it for us. I will also put you in my prayers.
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Hi a colonoscopy is always a good test. it is really the only way to detect rectal/colon cancer early. I do not think your symptoms sound like that though.

Please ask your Dr why they have not suggested a cystoscopy...this is when they use a reverse IV ( your awake they will give a small amt of pain med its all you need this is not such a bad test I had one) anways they use the iv to fill your bladder then use a very thin small scope (camera) and insert it into urethra , go into bladder takes images off all the distended bladder tissue ...this is how I found out I had one bladder cyst causing my sm amount of blood in urine...we just let it be mines not causing pain or growing.

Id guess your bleeding may be both gyn and urogynecological...we have a uyro gyno forum Im transfering this post there to see if forum leader agrees....I think you should see a urogynocologist and ask about the cystoscopy.

good luck...Im off to answer your other post now.

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Hi Jenna,

First up I'd like to toss my thoughts in on your fears rather than the procedures, we can often be our own worst enemies with our fears. Having gone through several procedures myself including a colonoscopy I'd also like to assure you that the medications used to knock you out now are so much more advanced than they used to be. It is much easier to get a person to go "out" as well as be pulled out of sleep than it used to be so the time you are knocked out is much reduced from what it used to be. I honestly feel the worst of it is getting the iv in place and they can even give you a shot in the area where the iv is going to numb that area now. Post procedure the most uncomfortable part seemed to be the gas pains from the gas they pump your stomach up with so they can see well inside. It often shifts to your shoulder and if no one tells you about this happening you think you are  having heart/chest pain-it is just gas shifting.

Often the worst part of any health issue is the "not knowing" factor. There are treatments/procedures for almost everything now and once you have a definitive diagnosis, you'll be able to shift foward with a specific path. Pick a couple of favorite memories from your life or events you are looking forward to and when anxieties come up, focus on one of these thoughts for distraction.

The colonscopy makes sense between the family history and symptoms. If they find the answers to what they are looking for that will probably be a wrap but if they do not, I would think they would add additional tests including the cystoscopy Cheri mentions. The blood in the urine can be from a couple of different sources. If you are using nsaids (aspirin, iboprofen) for pain, that could cause blood in the urine as well as digestive upset you are experiencing.Try not to make assumptions about what you have going on, it just adds stress to an already upsetting situation (I know, easier said than done...) It could be anxiety is making your symptoms worse regarding nausea, diah, stomach pain, and acid reflux so don't assume those are related to the actual health condition. Stress can really play tricks on our bodies.

Know that when you are stressed you can reach out to us here at MedHelp and we will do what we can to calm you. Cheri does a great job reaching out to those in her forum and as  you've already found out, members are there to support you too. We'll do our best to keep you calm. Picture in your head a bunch of us holding your hands when you go in for procedures, a circle of support!

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