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Vaginal dryness with frequent vaginal and urinary infections

I am 26 and have had dryness pretty much my whole life but it seems to get progessively worse. I get probably around 3 infections a month whether it be yeast or bacterial or urinal. I am wondering if any of these symptoms are in correlation with each other. I am also wondering if i could benefit from vaginal estrogen therapy, even at the age of 26.
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Many women use vaginal oestrogen from a much earlier age than was usual as the benefits can be very helpful.   There is a link between low oestrogen and urinary infections as well for many women and I use oestrogen cream for vaginal prolapse, and for urine infections as well.   The oestrogen receptors in the bladder uptake the oestrogen through the vagina which keeps the lining of the bladder and gag layer thicker as well as helps the vaginal tissues as well.   Your GP needs to assess if vaginal oestrogen is safe for you to use and they can prescribe it.    If your GP isnt helpful due to your age then you could also look to see a hormone Dr that specialises in this area.   We have some Drs on the UK on a menopause site.   Dont be put off by the word menopause as this is a term but there are many conditions and variations that mean women do better on hormonal creams etc etc.   I wish I had started using vaginal oestrogen a lot earlier in my life.
When I started using it, I got less yeast infections as well and my vaginal skin is better and more healthy.    I occasionally get BV but the last time I got this was last Summer so am doing better in this regard.   PM me if you want more info.
Just for the record, this is a Prolapse forum so you may wish to post your message in another forum as well
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