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What happens if you cannot release your orgasm?

to tell a summary about myself I’m a virgin girl. Recently I started to try to masturbate by rubbing my clit, however I still couldn’t reach an orgasm. What happens is I get this warm sensation spreading through my body but I cannot follow it further. (where I live I have no access to toys and vibrators and virginity is important so I cannot enter my fingers inside my vagina for masturbation which is why I started with clit stimulation). Now about two days ago I feel like I have to pee constantly, and when I finish peeing i feel like there’s a drop or two left that I didn’t release while peeing. Or when I am sitting or lying down I feel maybe a drop of pee is about to be released. I’m constantly holding myself tight; I’m even afraid to sleep because I feel like if I succumb to sleep I might wet the bed. I’m wondering is it possible that I am a squirter and the water didn’t release and now is stuck there releasing gradually? I’m worried guys that maybe I messed up my urethra? If I don’t do anything sexual related will it finally go away on its own?
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