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What is wrong with me if I have painless microscopic hematuria rbc of 107 in urine?

Hi, I have 2 positive tests done this year for microscopic hematuria (no pain experienced). I am a female Asian and in my late twenties. I have looked through previous health screening reports and noticed that the rbc in urine has increased from 65 (three years ago) to 107 (currently).

I have been referred by the doctor to a urologist. I did another urine test and an intravenous urography which is an x ray using contrast after I took bisacodyl (and had diarrhoea for almost 24 hours).

The urologist said they cannot find anything wrong with me. She said the x ray showed that my bladder and kidneys are fine and there was no kidney stone. I was told to do the fourth urine test to see if my kidneys are working properly and now I am awaiting results. I am a virgin so it is definitely not sex-related.

From your professional point of view, what exactly is wrong with me?

Is it normal for a healthy person to have microscopic hematuria - red blood cell count of 107 in urine?

Can it be due to stress?

Can it be due to masturbation which was only done in the past and only once in a blue moon?

Can it be due to blood from the throat/ tonsils/ nostrils flowing down since I do experience throat discomfort sometimes?

Thanks in advance.
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