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What should I be asking about prolapse surgery?

Hi :-). I have a prolapsed uterus and a rectocele (can provide more specific info if needed) and am scheduled for surgery on 4 Oct. My surgery consultation is on 30 September and I would like some advice on what questions I should ask about the surgery and post-surgery, and what concerns I should have...I currently live in Sweden and language is an issue, I don't get information unless I ask the right questions as info is not freely offered (I think medical terminology is difficult to translate and so discussion or sharing of information and knowledge with foreign patients just doesn't happen).

I am stressed and worried about the surgery and what will happen afterwards because I was also diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) of the entire colon and rectum in May. Diagnosis was made via colonoscopy (after 8 months of bloody diarrea and loss of 13kg in weight) as blood tests showed no deficiencies (other than protein and potassium) and also no markers/signs of inflammation. It is currently still active but not nearly as severe as a few months ago (which was a moderate inflammation at the time).

I stopped taking cortico-steroids about 3 weeks ago, but wonder whether 6 or 7 weeks off prednisolone pre-surgery will be sufficient? (at the end of the treatment I was on 5 mg per day for a number of weeks).

I am currently not on any other medication for it (kidneys reacted to the mesalazine so had to stop taking it, allergic to sulpha so sulfasalazine is not an option, and immuno-suppressants are also not currently an option due to upcoming surgery) and have been feeling the UC worsening again. Can the prolapse surgery be performed during a mild flare-up (considering that blood tests show that all is normal)? Any idea how the surgery and the UC will affect each other? What concerns should I have? (Apologies for the stupid questions - having been less than healthy for the last year, my brain is unable to think beyond the essentials of survival.)
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