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Why do I experience these symptoms after pain in my penis?

One night i emit pre-ejaculation fluid too much (but i did not ***) until i felt extreme pain in my penis. The pain lasts an hour. The next day, I saw the skin on my thigh has these spots all over them. Regarding the skin spots, my doctor said it is tinea versicolour and I think it is caused by the pain i felt in my penis earlier. Since this incident, I have developed symptoms like frequent visits to the toilet, muscle weakness, fatigue, trembling, bloated stomach, blurred vision (now I wear glasses) and even blood when i defecate (but this happens very rarely and stops two years ago). All these symptoms appear after that pain in the penis. Before the pain I was a normal person without all these symptoms. Could it be I had a urinary infection and the bacteria spreads? I am a virgin and I never had any sexual intercourse with anyone or anything. Please help me.
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