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Why does does my bladder feel irritated when I don't have a UTI?

Since the beginning of January (2 months ago), I have been feeling a frequent urge to pee and went through 2 rounds of antibiotics for a UTI however my symptoms haven't subsided. I've taken urine tests that have concluded that I don't have a UTI and pap smears and urine tests have concluded that I don't have STIs. Through a swab, the doctor did find that I have HPV (but not strand 16 or 18) and said that over time this will go away and also he found that I had Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and believes this may be behind me feeling the urge to pee all the time. However after 2 rounds of vaginal treatment- 1 antibiotic cream and a gel, my symptoms persist. I'm at my wits end because I worry about what this could be. I suffer a lot of anxiety because of it and I don't enjoy sex with my boyfriend the way that I used to- now whatever we do, it seems that my bladder always becomes inflamed. Does anyone have opinons on what could be the cause and how to go about treating it? I'm considering seeing a specialist about it as well. 
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Your symptoms sound similar to those of interstitial cystitis. If you do have it, dietary changes can be helpful. Check out this link - https://www.ichelp.org/.
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