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anterior and posterior repair

I have been informed that i need an anterior and posterior repair along with a full hysterectomy. Can you please tell me why it is so urgent that me op is within a week. also how long will i need off work. it will be performed vaginally.
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This is definitely not an urgent/life threatening problem unless you have cancer of the cervix or uterus. Usually anterior/posterior repair is done if you have prolapse, which is a bulging of the vaginal walls  or uterus (it is like a hernia) It is usually not life threatening unless it affects bladder emptying. If you cannot see the bulging yourself with a mirror while squatting, then it is not significant, and definitely not urgent. You should get a second opinion from a trained urogynecologist before proceeding.

Dr. Hoyte

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I am scheduled for an anterior and posterior repair and a tvt sling.  How long will i be in surgery.  all that I have been told is that my surgery is the 15th of Sept.
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