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bladder soreness after uti

I'm a 51 yo woman with no health problems except for being overweight. 3 weeks ago I awoke 2 am with typical bladder infection symptoms (burning, frequency), following a warm weekend in which I had been exercising a lot but not drinking much water; I had some wine at a dinner party. Had intercourse. About 24 hrs later symptoms started.  After feeling the symptoms, I drank a lot of water and saw dr. next morning who diagnosed uti (e coli) and gave me cipro for 7 days. All symptoms went away, until day 6 when a milder version of them came back. Increased water consumption (I hadn't been paying attn to that after symptoms had gone) Saw another dr. who saw a few wbc in urinalysis and gave me augmentin. 3 days later no improvement. Went back to first dr who said there were still wbc in urinalysis and prescribed macrobid for 10 days. Urine culture taken that day was negative. I felt a slight improvement after 3-4 days on macrobid, but still had some tenderness in the bladder area and frequency so I saw urologist. Based on my history (this was first uti in years), he said it was unlikely to be IC. I have no back pain or blood in urine. No nausea or fever. I have a slightly week pelvic floor--about 4 times a year I'll leak urine when I cough or sneeze. Uro. wants me to finish macrobid and see how I feel. I have about two days left on it. The frequency has improved (but not completely resolved) since I cut back on water consumption somewhat (I was drinking at least 100 oz a day for last two weeks). I also still have an almost constant soreness/tenderness in lower abdomen. It's mild but I've been stressed out about it being a chronic condition. My question is, is it possible for the bladder to take some time to heal after the infection is gone? What should I do now?
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From your description I doubt you have IC.  I would suggest you see a urogynecologist in your area to be evaluated.  It is possible to have soreness after an infection and some overactivity of the bladder as well.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD  
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