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chronic uti's & BV in a 29 year old female

Hi, I am a healthy 29 year old female. Almost a year ago I started to get one UTI after the next. As fast as I was put on a antibiotic, was as fast as I was getting a different UTI with a different bacteria. I went and saw a urologist who made sure everything was anatomically correct and started me on Hiprex to take twice a day with Vitamin C.
About a month or two after being on Hiprex. I started to get bacterial vaginosis. I was put on the metro gel then developed a yeast infection, then put on diflucan. Within a week I had another BV infection. I started taking probiotics and a product called femanol, which helped keep the bacterial vaginosis at bay. However if I stop the femanol all the BV symptoms return. This July will be a full year of being on hiprex. My urologist said that they will continue to keep me on it until I decide to get pregnant. I want some insight on what I should do. I would like for the bv & uti's to leave. I have a healthy diet and I eat healthy. I am 5'9 and 130 pounds. The hiprex is the only medication I take. So basically I would like some insight. I was told hiprex does not cause bv? Will my body ever regain its balance? Will I continue to have to take this medication forever? Can hiprex cause bladder cancer? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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