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i feel like killing myself help

For the past week, i have been feeling a constant tingling sensation in my vagina area (not my clit) which made me supersuper paranoid since before, i watched a documentary about PGAD (persistant genital arousal disorder). I was scared that i might got it but turns out, all the itching was because of my yeast infection which 4 gynecologists diagnosed me for (yes i was that scared that i went to 4 different gynos).
Yesterday, the feeling was completely gone but suddenly my clit started tingling and my panic only made it worsrt. I can’t say that it’s an arousal. But it felt uncomfortable, its 4.30 am in my area now and i can’t even sleep because of it But when im out with my friends, sometimes i forgot the feeling. I am very scared that it might be PGAD since the main symptoms are tingling and unwanted sensation in vagina or clitoris. Is this just a UTI after yeast infection, are my nerves being pinched? is it because of my bladder? either way i would be muchmuch happier with any results AS LONG AS IT’S NOT PGAD:(((
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I think it is highly unlikely you have PGAD. Unfortunately it sounds like your anxiety is getting the best of you which can exacerbate your symptoms. If you are still having these feelings, schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider. There are medications that can address the issue as a last resort. If you can help relieve your anxiety, I think you will find that you are less symptomatic. I would encourage you to try not to obsess about this although I know that is difficult. I know you are scared too, but this is very treatable. Hang in there, and seek help if your obsessive thoughts and/or feelings continue. I wish you all the best.
thankyou so so much for replying. you probably don’t know but it means so so much to me:(. How can you be so sure that what i’m having is not PGAD? sorry, i have always been told i am a very stubborn person so that’s why i kept on asking.
The feeling became worst at night when i am lying down. I very scared i don’t know what to do.
First off, please do not be scared. For the sake of this conversation, let's assume that with 100% certainty you do have PGAD. While this condition is interfering with your current life, this is a condition that usually resolves on its own. If you are at a point where you could not tolerate the feeling any longer, you would have several treatment options including, but not limited to lidocaine gel (a prescription numbing gel that you apply topically), SSRIs, clomipramine, a TENS unit, and many other options. There is some question as to cause, but there is a correlation to anxiety and mental health issues. If there is a component of anxiety, obsessing and worrying play into this vicious cycle. Of course to be diagnosed, you would really need a healthcare provider that can ***** you both physically and emotionally and correlate your symptoms clinically. However, since you have seen four specialists and all have come to the same conclusion, I think you need to at least consider there might be a mental health component that you are dealing with. I think there is some evidence that your symptoms improve when you anxiety level is decreased. For example, when you went out with your friends your mind was not on a diagnosis and you were able to forget about it. When you had time to think and obsess, you were up at 4:30am with a panic attack. Have you ever heard of Medical Student Syndrome? If you look at that, I think you might see some similarities. It would be worth discussing this with your provider again given the overwhelming feelings you are having. However, I would urge you to be willing to at least consider the psychological component.
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