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mother has uterus fibroid's and needs surgery.

so my mother has had this mass in her stomach for 1-3 weeks and was told to get a catscan after a ultrasound. i am posting for her because she has no time to do so because of work before 6 PM...she works in the medical field so she will be able to understand the medical lingo and i understand it to a point. here is the first and second report's

first report after ultrasound
Radiology Report US ABDOMINAL WALL, SOFT TISSUE Study Date of 05/09/13 5:16 PM

Reason: ? abdominal muscle tear w hematoma vs. solid lesion.
   49 year old woman with R sided subcutaneous mass after abdominal contusion.
   ? abdominal muscle tear w hematoma vs. solid lesion.
Final Report
HISTORY:  Right-sided subcutaneous mass after abdominal contusion, rule out
abdominal tear, hematoma or solid lesion.

TECHNIQUE:  Gray scale and Doppler examination was performed on the right.


FINDINGS: Targeted examination right lower quadrant demonstrated a
heterogeneous mass which measures 10.9 x 9.4 x 10.7 cm.  The mass demonstrates
internal vascularity with pulsatile flow.  It is difficult to discern whether
this mass is within the abdominal wall or within the abdominal cavity.

IMPRESSION: Heterogeneous mass within the right lower quadrant which is likely
a hematoma, although, the presence of pulsatile flow is unusual. An underlying
soft tissue mass with subsequent hemmorrhage is also in the differential.
Further evaluation with cross-sectional imaging/ CT scan is recommended.

it wont let me post the second one in this post so i will post it as a reply...(exceeded 2000 character limit)
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It is difficult to determine what the exact the mass is but the report suggest a hematoma, blood clot.  I would follow your doctors recommendation and get a CT scan.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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second report after catscan
ABDOMEN: The visualized lung bases are clear. The liver is homogeneous in
texture with no focal lesions. There is no biliary ductal dilatation. The
gallbladder is normal. The spleen, pancreas, and adrenal glands are normal.
The kidneys are unremarkable with no contour irregularities, hydronephrosis,
or nephrolithiasis. The stomach, duodenum, and intra-abdominal loops of bowel
are normal in caliber and unremarkable. There is no retroperitoneal or
mesenteric lymphadenopathy. The intra-abdominal aorta is normal in

PELVIS: The sigmoid colon and rectum are normal in appearance. The distal
ureters and bladder are normal. There are two fibroids in the uterus. There
is another ill-defined area of hypodensity in the uterus which does not have
the typical appearance for fibroid, but which may represent an old involuting
fibroid, however this is not certain. The left ovary appears normal. The
right ovary is not clearly visualized. There is a well-circumscribed 11 cm,
intermediate density, slightly heterogeneous adnexal mass. It appears to have
internal components that enhance, which may represent thin septations. There
is no clear capsule. There is free fluid in the pelvis the cul-de-sac and
around the right ovarian lesion. A buttock granuloma as seen on the right.

BONE WINDOWS: No focal lytic or sclerotic osseous lesion suspicious for
infection or malignancy is seen.


1. 11 cm right ovarian mass, which is mostly low density but which may have
internal enhancing components. Recommend followup with gynecologic surgery.
If further imaging is needed, recommend MRI.

2. Hypoenhancing ill-defined area in the uterus, possibly representing an old
involuting fibroid. Recommend follow up with with gynecologic surgery. If
further imaging is needed, MRI is recommended.

   Imaging Lab
Unapproved (preliminary) reports are provided for the convenience of referring clinicians who should be aware that such reports are subject to revision prior to final approval.

so a few questions i can think of for her but she might have more herself..
(1)what kind of surgery should she be expecting?  
(2)how long may she need to take of from work for recovery?bare minimum and/or how long she should.
(3) how long will it take for actual recovery..ie heavy lifting,house work full exercise etc.
(4)is this a major or minor surgery? (i think its based of level of anesthesia) right?
any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm a loving son who desperately want to help
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