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not your average PT......

Well first off I'm a 25y/o Female. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. I currently have a stent placed in my right ureter because my urologist believes I have a UPJ. Well I have had multiple infections including multi drug resistant echoli which was found in March but was not treated properly for. I also have Porphyria so I'm limited on meds which the doctor was aware of when they failed to treat me with IV meds. Now since the stent placement and 2 change outs I have had VRE, klebsellia, and VRE again. I also have so much blood in my urine they can no longer culture it. I have a PICC line and do IV meds everyday since August. What could be causing the infections??? Why so much pain and blood?? And what other options do I have???? I also was a medic and nurse so may have exposed myself to these in the field on time or another.
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