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oil particles in urine from 5 months and vaginal itching from 18 months

i observe oil particles in my urine from 6 months and i have been suffering form itching sensation in vaginal area and lower back pain from 18 months.
went to urologist,gynecologist and nephrologist.all the tests like COMPLETE URINE EXAMINATION,URINE CULTURE,URINE FOR CHYLE AND 24HRS URINE EXAMINATION are normal.. ketones and albumines are not present in urine..
used FEMBIO capsules for 3 months and taking UTI OF tablets from 5 months as per doctor suggestion.problem intensity came down..but couldn't solve the problem completely..
please suggest me a solution and is there any other test to be taken to solve this problem
Thank You.
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It appears your urine is normal from the testing.  Not sure what you are seeing in the urine but it doesn't appear to represent a pathological process.  As far as the vaginal itching goes, I assume you have had a culture and it was negative.  We see a lot of patient with contact dermatitis that complain of vaginal itching.  I instruct them to wear white cotton underwear, no thongs, wash them in Woolite, no fabric softners, and use Neutrogena soap to shower with.  A steroid cream is also helpful.  J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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