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penile fracture not healing been 3 years.

Hello, I am new to these forums and I have a question regarding a penile fracture I had about 3 years ago. This happened as a result of the penis being bent at the base and a sharp pain on the top of my shaft where the dorsal nerve starts appeared. Afterwards my penis instantly and for the next 6months showed symptoms of thrombosis (hard flaccid) and had a 50%+ loss of sensation in the penis, and then my right seminal vesicle and prostate exhibited signs of being infected. I ended up taking avelox which sorta helped but the pain is still there in both areas just not as bad. The thrombosis isn't as bad but I still have circulation problems and the loss of sensation which is the worst part is still there. My urologists said on both visits that it will heal up but I highly doubt this will happen. Will surgery fix my issue?
Will I get the sensation I need back? Thanks
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