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phosphate calcium crystals in urine and bladder irritation

I have experiencing lots of irritation in my bladder for about 2 months now. The urine analysis and the tests (ultrasound and some measures) the urologist runned did not show any problem (like bladder infection due to bacteria etc). I also had all the gynecological tests and nothing showed up there. I have this urge to urinate and have a slight pain-irritation in my bladder and sometimes in my back. The last urine analysis showed amorphous phosphate calcium crystals in urine (even though I drink lots of water, I mean I do not think this showed up due to lack of liquids intake). My urologist suggested that those crystals might have been causing this irritation.Could it be that? I am kind of depressed with this whole thing.The only thing that helps is when I drink lots of water or teas etc. If I knew this problem is due to those crystals I would be calmer!because at some point I guess it will go away..! any suggestions? and is there any medication I can take in order to sooth the bladder? (it's like I have to go to the bathroom too often...!)
My  great fear is that of having IC. Is it possible that those crystals have the same symptoms as IC? (frequent urination, a slight pain in the bladder, sense of burden in the aerea and in the lower abdominal, some times it aches more, some other times it's just the urge to urinate. No blood, or itching, burning etc when I urinate.) Thank you so much!
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