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rectal prolapse/surgery in child

My daughter is now 12, but at age 5 years, after about 3 years of trying to get someone to understand that she was having terrible problems with bowel movements she had a rectal prolapse.  It happened after an attempt of a BM.  She filled the toilet with blood and I had to put a pad in her pants because she was bleeding so bad.  I called her Ped. doctor and he didn't think it was a big deal. (I wanted to strangle him)  He told me to call and make an appt.  but I was informed there was none.  I then preceeded to take her to the ER.  While we were waiting it retracted.  We were given hemmoroid foam to apply twice daily.(that was a nightmare because she would scream from it burning).  Without any real exam, we were told that it was a prolapsing hemmoroid and if it came out to push it back in. (also a nightmare)  Finally, after it prolapsed and stayed out for 2 days a doctor decided that it was a hemmoroid and needed to be removed.  My daughter went in for surgery and it wasn't until the surgery was over that the doctor informed me that he didn't believe it was a hemmoroid .  He felt it was a polyp and they were sending it off.  The lab contacted him saying that the results showed lymph cells and they were sending it to John Hopkins.  When the results came back the only answers I got were that she didn't have cancer.....but no one would tell me what it was.  It wasn't until I finally took her to a Peds. Gastro. Dr.  that she was able to get the report and then explain to me that they had cut out a portion of her rectum.  I said all of because I am concerned about the area where they did surgery....it is gradually getting larger and she describes the skin as a stretched out balloon.  After doing my own research I believe that the surgery she had was not the appropriate way to deal with a rectal prolapse and I am asking for help to know if I should have any concerns and if I should take her to my Gyn.
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Sorry to read of your daughters problem.  Rectal prolapse in children is often self limiting and may not require surgery.  However, persistent prolapse may.  In order to determine if there is a problem, she will need to undergo an examination.  Her OBGyn may be able to help but she may be bettered served by seeing a colorectal surgeon given her history.  Thanks you for your question. J. Kyle Mathews, MD
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