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slight burning while urinating no discharge

I was an idiot about a week and a half ago and had un protected oral sex (I recieved oral sex) from a prostitute.  I have been worrying myself sick over this and now I am experiencing slight burning while urinating, but more burning after urination. I also feel as though i have slight burning in my lower abdomen when my bladder is full. I have been drinking water like crazy and drinking baking soda in water once a day with no change (thinking maybe uti). I have no discharge at all and there is no intense pain at all. I feel slightly more intense burning at the very tip of my penis and a wet feeling although there is no discharge. I feel like I have to go all the time even when I have an empty bladder.  I got an azo uti test kit and it shows maybe a uti but not real clear.  What should I do?
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