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surgical treatments

i had surgery 15 years ago (hysterectomy) with what my doctor termed a "bladder tuck"..what was the most common treatment/surgery used then and can i have more surgery now that will help of take care of the feeling that my vagina is too large? sex is often painful and i have suffered with urinary and bladder infections and vaginal irritation for years in spite of the aforementioned procedures
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Dear debra1957,

The recurrent urinary tract infections, vaginal irritation and the feeling of large vagina are functions of increasing age rather than hysterectomy  that was done 15 years ago.

Regarding the feeling of vagina being large, you can do vaginoplasty or labioplasty to treat the problem.

You can also do pelvic floor muscle exercises. A midwife or nurse or a doctor can teach you how to do them. However, you'll need to do them intensively for six months for good improvement. To get you started, try this:

Tighten up the muscles at the front of the lower part of your body - as if you were trying hard to stop yourself from urinating. Hold this contraction for 10 seconds. Relax for 10 seconds. Contract again for 10 seconds. Continue to contract and relax like this for five minutes. Repeat four times daily.

Regarding the urinary tract infections you need to get investigated with ultrasound, urine examination and pelvic examination. Since they are recurrent, it will lead to renal infections later in life. You will need to consult a urologist for this.

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Dr. Rajiv
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