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urine frequency- antibiotic

the symptom i have is urine freqency. That is the only symptom.

Some day it is better and sometime it is worse. I have more frequency during morning time. It has been like this for more than one year. I did urine analysis and urine culture,both are normal. My doctor said it was overactive bladder.

However, if i took antibiotics for short time like one to three days. My urine frequency reduced the second day of taking medication. if I took antibiotics for more than five days. it doesn't help any more with the frequency.

I just wonder if i don't have UTI, then why antibiotics helped? Moreover, why only short period of taking antibiotics reducing  the urine frequency?

Your help is very appreciated
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some medications have a diuretic effect; others have do the opposite and have a drying effect... so, maybe the antibiotics dried you out a bit and reduced the output of urine.
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Many things can cause urinary frequency as iam1butterfly mentioned, many meds cause this to happen as well as some supplements. Hormone fluctuation can also cause this to occur on a repeat basis. Interstitial cystitis is a long-term (chronic) inflammation of the bladder wall,  that can cause urinary frequency. When you get into issues of urinary leakage, then there may be POP issues going on. Vaginal childbirth is the leading cause of POP, often damage occurs during hard labor and isn't recognized until much later. Often the only early indicator women have is urinary leakage, but if you only have frequency rather than leakage, this probably isn't an issue.  Overactive Bladder is a type of urge incontinence with strong, sudden need to urinate due to bladder spasms or contractions. Try to track the symptoms for 1-2 months (there are tracker programs within Medhelp to assist with this), it will give you and your physician a better idea of what is going on.

I don't know why short term antibiotic use seemed to help rather than the longer version, but I do know that repeat use of antibiotics is never a good idea. I encourage you to seek a urologist if you don't get the answers you need from primary care physician.

Good luck!
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thank you guys for your answers
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You bet!
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