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vaccine - fecalis and coli in the urinary tract

I am currently taking a vaccine for the urinary tract infection to fight off such bacteria as coli and fekalis.  I have also had ureoplasma discovered in the cervix through a pcr test but another test has not revealed the presence of ureoplasma. I have been on the round of antibiotics since November basically aimed at killing ureoplasma. The recent tests have revealed the overgrowth of coli and fecalis which seem to show antibiotic resitance.

The question that I would like to ask is if after taking the third round of the vaccine I may come back to the use of antibiotics again if it turns out that the vaccine is ineffective. When may I venture to try out antibiotics to relieve the pain, frequency and urgency that I feel all the time?
I would appreciate your insight on this.
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