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wondering in ky

I have mutiple problems going on.  I have had blood in my urine, so my doc did a CT.  It shows mutiple problems--heterogeneous uterus, enlarged colon, mutiple enlarged lymph nodes in the abdominal, iliac region and groin, diverticular disease, slight enlargement of both kidneys and a small polyp in my gallbladder.  My wbc is normal.  He put me on antibotics for 2 weeks and sent me to a gastroenterologist.  The gastro did a colonoscopy (I had one in Oct 06 which showed mixed type polyps-removed- hx of colon cancer in family.)  He says there is diverticulitis, and removed a small polyp.  I am still feeling sick, losing weight, cannot eat.  He did a HIDA Scan which shows my gallbladder functioning at 9%.  On all these test, CT, US, Hida scan, my pancrease has not been seen because of unopacified bowel.  Any thoughts on what may be going on? I think there may be a pancreatic cancer, with mets to the uterus?  
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Not sure what YOUR basic complaint is. Is it pelvic pain? urinary frequency? urge incontinence? pressure in the pelvis?

Any workup you have should begin with a thorough search for YOUR chief complaint. That should drive the tests that get done, and can guide interpretation of the results.

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