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Bladder cancer treatment

I saw blood in my urine.  Went to my doctor and he did urine test that showed microscopic blood.  He referred me for a ct scan and to a urologist.  Ct scan report did not show any abnormalities .  Urologist looked over ct scan and said he did seen something in bladder.  He then did cystoscopy in his office and saw tumor.  I had TURBT approximately 2 weeks later.   Biopsy showed:  high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma .  Carcinoma invades the Lamina propria (pt1).  No muscularis propria (detrusor muscle) is present for evaluation .  The urologist advised that I take vitamin C and come back for another cystoscopy in 4 months.  I returned for repeat cystoscopy as directed.  The doctor said he saw bb sized tumors and a reddened area.  I was scheduled for TURBT in 1 week.  Biopsy showed :  Superficial fragments of high grade papillary urothelial carcinoma.  Lamina propria and muscularis propria (detrusor muscle) not present for evaluation.  The doctor recommended 2 rounds of systemic chemo at an Oncologist and to come back for another cystoscopy in 4 months.  Does this seem to be best course of treatment or should I seek second opinion from another urologist?
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I have had 4 TURBTs but all for low-grade superficial tumors. There are a few things that concern me here. One is waiting four months before your follow-up cysto after your first TURBT. That seems way too long since your pathology came back high grade. Also the vitamin C -- are you sure you don't mean Mitomycin-C? Very different things. Yes, I would get a second opinion for sure. And if it really was just vitamin C, that's cause for concern IMHO. God bless you!
One other suggestion: check out the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network. There are lots of others like us who can give you better advice and info.
Thank you so much for your response.  Yes he said for me to take Vitamin C.
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Did he not mention a treatment of intravesical BCG?  That seems to be standard of care around here for higher grade TCC.  It boosts the immune system in the bladder to help fight tumour recurrence.
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Your doctor is not following standard of care. Get a second opinion. Per nccn guidelines you needed a repeat turbt to get muscle in specimen 4 to 6 weeks after first  and maybe bcg if no muscle invasion.  Sometimes a bad hgt1 can go straight to chemo then surgery to remove bladder but doesn't seem he is following standard protocol...  there may be more to the story but look up the nccn guidelines for bladder cancer... it spells out the treatments
I would consult an oncologist!
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