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Complicated Kidney Cyst - Left Kidney

What is the usual protocol for my findings below. Watch & wait? Medication? Surgery?  I should mention I am a Mother of 3, mid 30's, 5'3, 120 lbs. never smoked or have done any kind of drugs. Rarely drink wine. Many thanks in advance for any advice or info you can share!

May 2011 CT Findings:

Kidneys normal in size. Few well-circumscribed low density lesions arising from left kidney measuring up to 6.2 mm, likely cysts. There is no hydronephrosis. Trace free fluid in cul-de-sac, non-specific etiology.

Liver normal in size. Few small well-circumscribed low density lesions scattered throughout liver, largest measures 7.5 mm in right lobe.

Impression: Few subcentimeter hepatic lesions, nonspecific etiology, likely benign if there is no known history of primary malignancy. Significance to be determined clinically.

Jan 2012 - US findings: (Verbally given by nurse over phone 3 weeks later)
Liver 7 mm simple cyst right lobe (same)
Right kidney - Normal
Left kidney - Complicated cyst 1.1x1.0x1.1 low level echo superior pole.
Now waiting to see Urologist.
I've also recently had: Enlarged lymph nodes neck & groin area. Thyroid complex nodules & a 2 cm complex cyst that ruptured on my left ovary. In August of 2010 during an FNA biopsy on a 1.5 cm complex nodule on Isthmus of thyroid, the Endo ruptured it (shrinking it to 5 mm) causing a severe hematoma, where I ended up in ICU and the biopsy was indeterminate. My symptoms are lower back and pelvic pain. Feeling of cramps all the time, not just menstrual time. Occasional headaches. Fatigue. Weight loss without trying. Occasional upper left shoulder back pain (like a knife is stuck). Lumpy breasts, right one is painful especially around menstration. Always tired, feeling drained. Not sure if this is all tied together or not.
Again...thanks for reading! :)
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