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I have been suffering from enlargement of prostrate for last 2 years. During October 2015 my PSA was detected at 10.92.Thereafter I underwent TRUS and prostrate BX.  But it revealed no sign of malignancy. However immediately after Prostrate BX , I was fallen acutely sick with complete retention of Urine. Accordingly, I was hospitalized in January 2016 and treated with iv injection and catheterization. At the time of discharge after one week with catheter in situ, I was advised to go for TURP at the earliest. However, I was not in favor of surgery. Hence, I had made consultation with another surgeon in last week of January 2016 and based on his advice I have undergone MRI Prostrate .PI Rads of MRI is 3/5. Depending on the report, he prescribed me the medicine CONTIFLOW-D and advised me to report after 1.5 months with PSA Report. Accordingly, I made report to him in FEBRUARY 2016 WTH MY PSA reading at 8.05. On going through the report, the doctor removed my catheter, prescribed the same medicine –CONTIFLOW-D, and asked me to report again in May 2015 with PSA REPORT. On 7th.May 2016, I have visited the doctor with PSA reading at 6.05.Now the doctor has prescribed me Urimax-D and Calutide-50. in replacement of the earlier prescribed medicine.
I have learnt from my chemist that the medicine Calutide   is prescribed  for treatment of  Prostate cancer. I am rather worried if I have been suffering from the said dreaded disease if so, how my doctor could diagnose disease. Moreover the intake of Clautide has caused various side effect  like shortness of breadth,Muscle cramp. Weak feelings, drowsiness, diarrhea , pain in back and lower waist etc.
Your valuable advice is eagerly awaited.

Snehanshu kar chaudhuri
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