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Funny Sensation Under/Beside Scrotum

For almost 2 months now I had strange discomfort in scrotum
area ( sometimes one side, or it can also be both sides ) beneath my skin .
It is a weird feeling hard to describe its not like pain , but just something
That almost constantly reminds you that something is there and out of
norm. I would probably have to call it an itch , or slight burning
sensation, or inflammation of some sort along my scrotum
area . I can't really tell the exact location of discomfort but it feels like its between mu scrotum and anus.
This discomfort is pretty constant .
And I am exhausted and fed up with it .
I do realize that you are not supposed to give medical advices over the internet
What I am asking for is list of possibilities based on my symptoms .
That way I can go to my doctor and ask him about each and every one of them.
I also have a swollen lymph node on my neck which appeared after what seemed like a throat infection. Not sure if this could be a swollen lymph node because i'm not sure if there is a lymph node near scrotum and i dont see a swollen node.
What could this possibly be? I'm worried about Lymphoma
Thanks in advance
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