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Irritation on penis from Foley catheter

My 89 year old father required a catheter for about one month (issues arising from enlarged prostate and prostate cancer).  During this period the skin at the tip of the penis became irritated - red, skin cracking.  He describes it as 'being on fire'.  We have tried petroleum jelly, Polysporin cream (anitbiotic cream with vitamin e) and Fucidin (prescribed by a doctor).  None of those has relieved him of the burning.  He recently had the catheter removed.  He has had three turps, may need a fourth, and leaks constantly.  This leaking has further aggravated the issue and the burning continues.  Has anyone had any success with a home remedy or prescribed cream?  Any information is most valued and appreciated.  Thanks!
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Catheters can lead to urinary infections- Did the dr rule out a UTI. Men aren't as susceptible to them, but that could be where the burning is coming from.

As far as nasty rashes go one thing that has helped me (much different area though) has been to mix the prescribed antifungal/steroid cream with a very natural (pH neutral, chemical, scent free) lotion specifically for eczema. Another thing that might help is breezier (whole cotton) underwear and making sure the skin is 100% dry before putting it under cover.
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Oh and have you tried nappy/diaper rash cream? That stuff works wonders.
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hey ducky - thank you for the tips - right now my dad is on antibiotics, for the third time.  he has been prescribed a different antibiotic this time.  he still has the burning feeling.  we tried a number of different creams (diaper rash creams too) but none seem to do the trick for now.  tomorrow we have an appt with the urologist and hopefully we can get something different for a topical.  btw - the catheter has been removed and there is incontinence happening.  its hard trying to keep the area dry - but diapers do a great job.
Try using homeopathic hypericum ointment. I use it for my catheter irritation. Hypericum stops the stinging, burning and any possiblity of infection, especially if the catheter causes bleeding from the irritated skin.
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Mrs meyers clean day soap followed by high end facial moisturizer, works for me, pricey, though.
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