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Lump under base of penis ( inside scrotum) ?

Hi Team,

The lump is almost like a worm/vein (almost cartilage like). under 1 CM long and probably under 5mm thick. It feels like part of it is detached. It is located at the top of Bulbourethral muscle or at the very base of the penis (inside the scrotum area). It is pretty much in the midsection of the penis (going vertically).

I am concerned, as I have previously had a similar lump  earlier this year, however haven't seen it until this week. I can definitely feel it through the scrotum/sack and it sometimes gets sore (after gym or other activity..).

My immediate over thinker's concern is cancer or an obstruction to one of the glands. I also have a number of dry and brown skin spots around the crotch  area (which I believe were a sweat irritation spots). Also a fine dark brown spot on the scrotum.

Recently bloodtests showed a high number of liver enzymes as well as kidneys. This was possibly due to high vitamin supplement intake, however I am getting a full HIV etc test done this month. Please advise if anyone has similar lumps on their penis base or know what it could be? I am planning on going to the doctors soon if the issue doesn't resolve itself.
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