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PSA antigen test and predictability of prostrate cancer

Dear Sir,

I am 56 years + 2 months old, with a life exempt of major health problems. Bilateral hernia both sides of genitals fixed with laparoscopy 10 years ago and implant of synthetic net to support muscular tissues and prevent other hernias.   Amydalitics removal 5 years old.  Parental family only one skin cancer death, an uncle, due to excessive exposure to sunlight in 1950's. Maternal family with 3 aunts out of 6 brothers and sisters died of cancer (leukemia, lung, and colon). My mother had a mamal cancer, mastectomy 13 years ago and never again with cancer. Now mother 88 years old. Oldest sister at 103 years ,never had cancer. I had chronic prostatitis during 4 years, undetected for 4 years, detected during penile erection dysfunction analysis (turned out to be psychological caused plus the undetected prostatitis chronic infection). Apparently the chronic prostatitis may have been consequence of an impoperly cured venereal disease (maybe gonorrea) which was cured but left a sequel of chronic prostatitis. Cured with special antibiotics. Cured 14 years ago, and erectile dysfunction cured after chronic prostatitis infection cured. Nervous personality, high strung. One and a half year ago, did full preventive check, PSA antigen 1.5 mg, no problem. All other readings, blood pressure, blood , urine , everything fine. Benign prostate hyperplasia detected with ultrasound 5 years ago, treated with I dont remember what, and the hyperplasia receded to acceptable level.  Starting Jan.28 2009, after 6 days of difficulty to urinate with slight pain in penis, went for medical examination. Doctor tested with finger the prostate and said it was slightly hard, not much. Urine tests, negative. Given antibiotics till the next visit to urologist, after first take of antibiotics, I could urinate more easily and lower pain. After 4 days taking antibiotics  I can urinate effortlessly. Asked for PSA antigen test. Did a PSA antigen analysis Feb 3rd 2009 the same day the doctor tested with his finger, and found Total PSA at 19.81% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (normal range for 56 years: 0-3.5 mg/ml). Free PSA at 1.36 ng/ml. and 6.86%. PSA + ACT 12.95 ng/ml and 93.14%.. Analysis conclusion: probable tumor activity.  Doctor explained that readings between 10 and 19.99 mg/ml may indicate possible local tumor. Readings higher than 20 mg, metastasis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  I am avoiding panic. Doctor says that it may indicate tumor growth but not necessarily cancer or malign. May be prostate infection. By my own decision, today Feb 18th 2009 did a second PSA antigen analysis to see if the result differs from the one made before (the same day finger was used to examine prostate softness or not). Today I'll know PSA antigen result late afternoon. People tell me that if PSA antigen test is done the same day as finger probing, it may distort results, but  19.81 mg/ml reading is in any case too high. Current urologist has scheduled for me for Tuesday Feb 24th 2009 a biopsy. A needle will be moved thru rectum till it can be used to cut 12 biopsies of prostate guided using eco machine. Local xylocaine anasthetic, 20 minute long procedure. I will leave walking the clinic. Not painful they say.
Smoked cigarretes from 15 years old till September 2007 when I quit.
Currenly for last three years, very normal sexual activity, good erections, no dysfunction even during the last two weeks of dificulties.
(1) if second PSA antigen test of today, difffers greatly from first PS antigen test, e.g. much lower, biopsy is not needed?. Doctor says that no matter what the biopsy must be done just because the first PSA antigen test read 19.81 mg/ml. Is this true, is there any justification to avoid biopsy? Doctor says that is the only means to determine if the problem is cancer or not and determine treatment.
2) what are the probabilities that even though a PSA reading of 19.81 mg/ml is reconfimed , I might NOT have cancer, just a prostate infection of sorts?
3) do yiu ned more data to assess before answering to me?
4) any suggestions, recommendations?
G-d bless you and thanks in advance for your counsel.
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