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Right side abdominal swelling, right kidney lesion

2-Months ago I started having pain and swelling in my right abdomen, the pain and swelling started just below the right ribs & worked its way to the lower back as well as upper back & shoulder, sometimes after I ate, felt like sharp cramping type of pain after exerting yourself to much in my younger days, but also feel like something is going to explode out of my right abdomen, can hardly tie right shoe lace.

Now pain has been constant rating of 2-7 on the 10 scale, 2-being when resting (12-hours), pain usually increases as day goes on but not always.

Had Ultrasound, found 1.6 cm lesion on right kidney, had MRI, confirmed!

FINDINGS: The visualized portions of the liver, pancreas, spleen and
adrenals appear normal. The left kidney appears normal. In the anterior
aspect of the mid pole of the right kidney, corresponding to the lesion
seen on previous study, there is a 1.6 cm diameter ovoid partially
exophytic lesion which is heterogeneous in signal appearing largely bright
on T2 and dark on T1. There is no definite fat seen within this lesion.
There is a small amount of enhancement seen within this lesion following
contrast administration. The remainder of the right renal parenchyma is

Exophytic lesion extending from the mid portion anterior cortex of the
right kidney, corresponding to the lesion seen on previous ultrasound.
This is consistent with a small mass. There is no definite fat containing
portion to suggest an angiomyolipoma. While this may represent a benign
lesion such as an oncocytoma, early renal cell carcinoma cannot entirely be
excluded. Urology consultation and/or follow-up CT may be helpful for
further evaluation.

My question that I asked the Urologist was: Would this lesion cause these symptoms.
His answer: I can't answer that definitivly, but I would say probably not.

Other notes:
1) Does not hurt to the touch when palpating, just discomfort.
2) Have a mild fever a few times a week, for a few hours a day. Started about 6-months ago.
3) Urinating appears OK although would burn a bit sometimes when I was taking Naproxen & Tramadol. (experiment didn't reduce pain, pressure & swelling)
4) Normal bowl movements, except when it all started, had diarrhea for a week.
5) When drinking cold carbonated fluids rarely there is a sharp sting in the upper abdomen, which spreads to the right.
6) When burping sometimes rarely there is a sharp pain in upper right abdomen 2-seconds after swallowing.
7) Sometimes pain would radiate between the shoulder blades. (Gallbladder?)
8) Ultrasound of Gallbladder came back negative except for sparring fat around it.
9) Bless you if you read this far!

Anyway Urologist would like to remove the lesion now & not have another scan like the report stated, I am confused, it appears I have multiple things going on here & would like to remedy the pain, swelling & mild fever before going any further....

Just curious about the photo I had added, does there appear to be a stone within the common bile duct?
The pic before this one showed the doppler.

Any suggestions or comments would be helpful.

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