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Risk of testicular Cancer

Hi I have had problems with my Testicular. I have had a ultrasound and they said I have Calcium specks in the testicle and a cis. I also have a small pain just above my pubic bond and have passed blood know on and off for about 6/7 months but no pain. My testicular has got very large with fluid but after a while the swelling went away. There is a very high cancer rate in my family. All my grand partners apart from one died of cancer my mum had cancer and my cousin had testicular cancer at 22 years old. I'm white and am aged 29 years old and just worried its probably nothing.

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It sounds like you are describing testicular microlithiasis, the deposition of multiple tiny calcifications in the testes. As for how and when to follow-up, or if you even need follow-up at all, recommendations are conflicting and evolving, so you should consult a urologist who is up-to-date with the medical literature. For more info: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/testicular-cancer-care/expert-answers/microlithiasis/faq-20058074
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